Services On Demand

Individual Workshops for Departments, Institutes and Faculties

Team Building

In addition to the workshops and coaching offers, the HDZ also offers further education for particular target groups. Apart from conveying specific competences for teaching and learning at higher education level, these workshops are designed to promote teamwork among teachers, for example within an institute or department. If you are interested in an individually designed further education measure on possible teaching improvements for your entire staff, do not hesitate to contact the educational development unit  at your university. 

Structure Development

 Organizational units can also request coaching or further education measures involving aspects of quality assurance in teaching (especially at useful for faculties) and/or the improvement of teaching from a general perspective. In this area, the HDZ offers, for example, workshops dealing with curricular development, the transition to Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees or the integration of e-learning into teaching. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact the educational development unit  at your university.