Who can register for HDZ programs?

The workshops are for teachers at the nine universities in Baden-Württemberg.

How can I register?

Registration for the workshops is only possible online on our website.

What happens after I have registered?

After you have registered online on our website, you will receive an email confirming your registration.

I have registered for a workshop and received a confirmation email. When will I receive an invitation?

The letter of invitation to the workshop will provide details on the exact location and times. You will receive the invitation approx. three weeks before the start of the workshop.

I can't be there for the whole workshop time. Can I nevertheless receive the certificate of attendance?

The certificate of attendance can only be issued if you fulfill the minimum presence time of 80%.

What does AE stand for?

"AE" refers to the number of hours of a workshop (“teching units”). One teaching unit is 45 minutes long.