Quality Assurance.

Graduates of the Baden-Württemberg Certificate for Teaching and Learning at University Level are asked to complete several surveys about the quality and long-term effect of the certificate programme. The first survey (stage 1) is carried out one year upon completion of the certificate programme, the second survey (stage 2) after four years and the third survey (stage 3) after seven years.

The longitudinal survey serves to examine the quality and long-term effect of the qualification programme based on the graduates’ subjective assessments. Furthermore, information about the professional careers of the participants provides a basis for further developing the educational development services offered. The different survey stages allow the quality assurance team to understand which elements retrospectively prove to be essential to the programme and, in particular, which other formats may meet the demands arising from future requirements. As the graduates survey includes various topics (quality of the programme, competence development, structural aspects, etc.), the results are discussed by the HDZ committees. The 2022 online surveys included general personal information (university, status, employment, teaching experience, teaching workload and period in which the certificate was completed) as well as assessments of overall satisfaction, learning transfer and quality of the certification process. The data were collected using Likert scales (1 = “completely agree” to 5 = “completely disagree”) and open-ended questions.

The results of the 2023 graduates survey are provided here.